An Individualized Inventory for Integrating Instructional Innovations

What is it?
The i5 is a tool to help educators successfully implement technology-based projects in the classroom.
The aim of this tool is to help  individual teachers to:
  1. predict the likelihood of success of technology-based projects in the classroom;
  2. identify specific potential challenges to successfully completing a technology-enhanced project empowering them to overcome these challenges and thereby increasing the likelihood of              effective technology integration in the classroom.

Where did it come from?
The i5 emerged from a meta-synthesis of the literature on challenges to integrating technology in the classroom.

How do I use it?
We envision the i5 can be used in many ways, which are listed below. We value your input, feedback, and ideas about ways the i5 might be used.
  • An informative piece that alerts an educator to the potential obstacles to innovation integration that they may not have previously encountered or considered.
  • A pre-implementation inventory tool where the teacher reviews each factor outlined in the i5 in relation to the proposed project. Reflecting on each of these variables should be a means of identifying potential obstacles as well as strength-areas of the project. Since this is an objective rating, the teacher should be more concerned about identifying specific aspects of each factor, rather then assigning the “correct score.” The teacher can then proceed to Step 2, brainstorming possible strategies for overcoming these obstacles.
  • A post-implementation reflection tool where the teacher revisits the i5 after the conclusion of the project to reflect on his/her accuracy and foresight of potential challenges, as well as if/how that obstacle changed during the course of the project. When used multiple times by an educator, the i5 can be a means for reflecting upon and developing their practice in integrating innovations into their practice.

We are interested in how the i5 has worked for you! If you would like to use the i5 in your classroom and submit feedback to help us build our research, please contact us (see below). Or, send us an email with answers to the following questions:
  • Was the i5 able to help you predict the likelihood of your project’s success?
  • Was the i5 able to help you predict the potential challenges you might face?
  • Did you use this information prior to project implementation? i5
  • Were there challenges that you faced that were not covered on the i5?
  • Was the i5 easy to use?
  • Would having a tool like the i5 encourage you to implement other technology-based projects in the future?

Contact Us!
Jennifer Groff
    Co-Author: Dr. Chrystalla Mouza
School of Education, Univ of Delaware