The Willamette University Graduate School of Education (GSE) and Salem-Keizer School District send warm congratulations to the twenty-four technology grant recipients recently announced by the Statesman Journal.

Our basic philosophy regarding technology in education is "teachers engaging in professional growth and taking a leadership role related to the appropriate and effective integration of technology into education to enhance teaching and learning."

Now that all grant recipients have received their hardware, the next step is to implement the goals of each grant,  including a mini-action research project that will culminate in a final progress report to Salem-Keizer by mid June.

Willamette University GSE will be assisting in the process of helping each recipient develop and implement their action research, including assisting in the tech support ranging from hands-on training to enhancing collaboration,  experimenting with various teaching and learning strategies, and performing simple data analysis that can be readily shared with interested peers.

The above process will be embedded in a 15-hour (4 x ~3.5hr) 1-credit course aligning with the parameters of the grant (user-groups). The cost of the course is fully reimbursed by pre-approved professional development funds in SKSD. Hours and credit will also apply to  Professional Development Units (PDUs).
  • Two components:
    • Action Research (Dr. Rita Moore): practical approach to professional inquiry. Planning, action, monitoring, reflection, and sharing.
    • Tech support for the action research (adjunct professor and Technology Integration Specialist, Barry Jahn): primarily web-based tools using the Google Academic Suite (gmail, docs, sheets, presentations, forms, and options such as blogs, sites, Hangouts, Groups, images, video) and other tools that arise as needed.

 Session #1        Wednesday, March 13th (Rm101) Thursday, March 14th  (Rm101) 4:30 - 8:00pm
 Session #2 Wednesday, April 10th    (Rm101) Thursday, April 11th     (Rm103) 4:30 - 8:00pm
 Session #3 Wednesday, May 1st       (Rm103) Thursday, May 2nd       (Rm103) 4:30 - 8:00pm
 Session #4 Tuesday, May 28th         (Rm103)