Student Sites 2012

Here you will find unit plans developed in 2012 by University of Victoria students who took EPHE 452 with Dr. Tim Hopper. These Unit Plans have been developed based on a practicum style teaching that EPHE 452 students did in local middle and high schools in Victoria B.C.

Following the practicum experience students have developed these unit plan websites to share their knowledge, drills, and experiences with you and the rest of the world in hopes of networking and connecting teachers and colleagues all over the globe to enhance learning.


Basketball (Matt C. & Charlotte)

Field Hockey (Adrian, Nikita, Dan)

Flag Football (Tegan & Arran)

Floor Hockey  (Johann & Tim)

Handball (Hayley & Matt Lang.)

Handball (Jamie & Grace)

Handball (Becky & JD)

▪ Handball (Brittany & Wade)

Handball (Derrick & Jessica)

Lacrosse (Jeff & Chris)

Rugby (Nate & Cheryl)

Rugby (Kaid & Sarah)

Soccer (Carly & Mike L.)

Ultimate Frisbee (Kate & Graeme)

Volleyball (Jenny & Mike R.)