Invite Me

You're interested ... that's great!  I've always wanted to come to your conference, school, or school district!

Conference Keynote/Sessions

I was invited to do my first keynote while I still had a classroom full of students.  I still have students, but now I teach virtually, which makes me more available than ever to come and provide training workshops or inspirational keynotes.  Invite me!

Outside Insight (Consulting)

Bringing in a professional edtech consultant may be just what is needed when:

  • training staff in their classrooms on how to integrate tech into their classrooms.
  • going digital (every f2f classroom needs a digital classroom)
  • grant writing and implementation.
  • strategically planning for 1, 2, 5, and 10 years at the district or site level.
  • purchasing and deploying large volumes of new equipment (technology of all kinds, including A/V).
  • analyzing strengths and weaknesses of staff skillsets and physical infrastructures.

For information on fees and availability, please contact me.