Lori Ruth Myers-Jantz

Short Bio

I live in the wonderful city of Atwater in the great state of California.  I enjoy my work at Atwater High School as a Specialized Academic Instructor, in which I help students with different learning styles work tremendously hard to earn their high school diploma. Most of my fellow classmates do not know that I have nine brothers and sisters and that I live with giants.

Teaching & Learning

My experiences with designing learning environments come from my education when becoming and as a teacher and during my time as a student in the Masters in Educational Technology through San Diego State University. My target learners are students who have an Individualized Educational Program.  I have taught both Special Day Class and Resource students going on thirteen years.  I have taught many different subjects for students from sixth to grade twelve.  The ranges of content that I have taught include English, Math, Social Studies, and Science, however, my niche is CAHSEE Math and Vocational Arts.


When it comes to games my interests vary?  My mother and her family were serious card players so cards are a part of every family get together.  Rummikub, a tile game based on the card game Rummy is another family favorite.  My top favorite computer game of all time is Bejeweled Deluxe, a daily addiction that I put on hold while working on my Masters. Currently, the only games I play are on my iPhone, the top choices would be Scramble, Words with Friends, Collapse, Flood It, and Line Up. Playing them is something I do generally when I am waiting, waiting for dinner in a restaurant, waiting in the doctor's office, etc.  One "game" that I enjoyed but have not had the time to "play" is Second Life.  It has endless possibilities for learning interactions. 
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