Some Ed Shepp Stuff


Here's me new theme for the Fall 2006-Spring 2007 season of The Ed Shepp Radio Experiment:

The Ed Shepp Radio Experiment Theme

And here's the vocals-only version if you want to remix it. It starts on the 1, and the tempo is 120 bpm. No key.

The Ed Shepp Radio Experiment Theme - Just the Vocals

And here is a file of li'l blips you can mix in if you feel like it:

Ed Shepp Extra Blips

And here is a blippet from an actual phone conversation I had. It's just me, because I was the only one miked. It gives you the experience of talking to me on the phone. Beep!

Against Justifying Ed Shepp's Radio Love Experiment

I'm A Dead Palestinian Girl, written by Mark Baratelli, slammed by Ed Shepp

LILIAN GISH, by Ed Shepp

Hugh Laurie,  by The Cold Inclusive, read by Ed Shepp      (click here for the entry) 

Kiki Kannibal, a tribute by Ed Shepp, with guest vocalist Angelifornia

Ed Shepp - Valentine Freedom, the post for the WFMU blog 

My Day, as excerpted from someone's blog 

My version of Umbrella, because everyone's got one

A Very Tasteless Song

A Happy New Year Blorgp from Ed Shepp

The Bedbus Song (quickndirty mix)

 Some Ed Shepp Links