Penn State's Environment

    1)If you are interested in sustainability. What might you do or join?
There are many choices in Penn State for a student interested in sustainability. Some  of them are minoring in sustainability leadership, joining the Eco-Reps group which is a group for first year students about sustainability training and volunteering to Green Teams. And Penn State also has a Sustainability Experience Center which is a living lab.

    2) If you are a recovering alcoholic or recovering anything, or want to be, find a resource
Penn State has a "Penn State Collegiate Recovery Community" (CRC) which helps student recovering from alcohol and other addictions. The center of that community is located in 105-106 Pasquerilla Spritual center (Student Affairs). The program has two different types which are " Lions for Recovery"(a student run organization) and "Lions in Recovery"(official alumni interest group)

    3)Name a student club that is relevant to you

I am currently in the Penn State Audio Engineers Society which is a really fun club that held meeting every month and there are many things that a person that is interested in that subject can find and learn from that club.
    4)Provide one of the Penn State Principles
Respecting the dignity of all individuals within the Penn State community.

    5)You are interested in several different engineering majors, what do you do?
    I would definitely meet with an advisor from the Engineering Advising Center which is located in the second floor of Hammond building but I can double major in a subject.

    6)What is a minor? (There are over 300 at Penn State) Which ones might you take?
A  minor is a students declared secondary field of study. I would probably minor in Music Technology which is a 15 credits minor and has a requirement of 21 credits .

    7)Including classes, how many hours a week do you spend on academics?
I guess it is about 45 hours.

    8)Where can you find a math tutor or study group?
Many dorms provide free tutoring and study groups but I can find the information about tutoring times and locations from that web site (

    9)Where are the resources for reporting wrong doing
    Wrong doing and problems can be reported to residential assistants if the problem is on campus and about the residence hall, and it can also be reported to the housing office. If not, a student can report any incident and wrong doing to the campus police or office of student conduct.

    10)Provide a tip for managing time from
Use a monthly calendar and mark import and dates of events, create a calendar for every month and don't wait until the last day of the month to create the next months calendar. And create a daily to do list.