Titan America is coming to the industrial park

Post date: Oct 4, 2012 7:15:57 PM

Our friends from LPCA attended a meeting at the Mason District Governmental Center during the evening of September 25, 2012. Titan American presented their proposal to rezone a portion of the property in the Industrial Park (area park off Edsall Rd.) from C-8 and R-2 to the I-6 district and permit a concrete mixing and batching plant with an increase in building height. These are some notes that were taken at the meeting:

- Titan America (TA) will be using the CSX rail as well to transport their product, concrete.

- TA's corporate priority to be a Good Neighbor and be gentle/conscientious the environment. The company has received awards for environmental excellence.

- The proposed development of the land will be in phases. Phase 1 is mostly construction. They will be using some of the existing structures as offices.

- There will be 20-30 people on site, and there will be no clients/customers visiting. Their focus is the production and delivery of the product.

- Hours of operation are 6 am-6 pm, Mon-Fri - for personnel entry and deliveries. However, the plant will be in production 24 hours.

- LPCA expressed concern for the use of our streets as cut-throughs and they reiterated their commitment in avoiding our streets. Their trucks have GPS, so they can be tracked. The drivers will be advised not to use our streets either. They will be using Backlick,Edsall, and the industrial area streets.

- Trucks will be hosed down upon arrival/departure to the TA premises.

- TA showed a picture of a proposed 85-ft structure. Apparently, there are already monopoles in Industrial Park that are 100-ft high (from Washington Gas, we believe).

- Janet Hall (Commissioner for Mason District) asked TA reps to add some type of condition in the intent of their proposal with wording relevant to TA's avoiding our roads in their deliveries.

- TA delivers concrete within the 20-mile radius.

- Virginia Concrete (currently located at Industrial Park) is TA's competitor, they will be ~1000 ft of each other in the Industrial Park area. VA Concrete's website


- TA stated that their noise levels will be no more than 80 decibels (said to be comparative to the sound of the garbage disposal, dishwasher, average factory)

- TA reached out to neighboring HOA/Civil Associations proactively. Windy Hill is OK with this proposal, according to TA.

- LPCA was the only neighborhood represented last night.

According to the Mason District agenda (on the website), there will be another meeting before the Planning Commission on November 15 and before the Board of Supervisors on November 20.