Rebuild Warehouse

Post date: Nov 9, 2011 2:36:16 PM

Rebuild will be closing at 5pm on November 20th...

One of our neighbors needs your help. Companies such as ReBuild are doing good things, but because the cost of warehouse space is so high, it is hard for them to make it. Please take a look at their website and/or visit their faclity in the industrial park right behind Edsall Park at: 6625 B Iron Place

Springfield, Virginia 22151.

If you like what they are doing, please consider writing a letter to help keep them open. ReBuild has provided a sample letter.


Edsall Park Civic Association

Sample Letter



Subject: ReBuild Warehouse in Springfield to Close

I am writing you to request your support in helping keep The ReBuild Warehouse ("ReBuild") in Springfield open or to help them find another nearby location. The Warehouse opened in 2009 to accept reclaimed building material, to train at-risk workers in green collar jobs, and help people in the community live more environmentally aware lives and to do so affordably.

Rebuild is a non-profit organization that is helping the community and our planet in several ways: (1) offering workshops that teach homeowners ways to inexpensively repair and maintain their homes as well as learn about new advances in the field in such areas as solar hot water systems, green roofs, stormwater management, etc.; (2) training "at-risk" workers in green collar jobs; and helping recycle hundreds of tons of good quality used building material for inexpensive purchase by homeowners and small contractors for their projects.

Homeowners, like myself, can drop off used and surplus materials from our DIY projects and earn a tax deduction in the process. I personally have donated __________________. [Or, I personally have used materials I purchased from ReBuild to ______________________.]

ReBuild has helped the community begin to recycle items that we all know we need to be doing but haven't had a convenient means for doing so in the past. This is the type of clean, green organization that we ought to be encouraging in the community, rather than allowing this much needed community service to close its doors.

ReBuild needs low-cost or publicly available space in order to be financially viable. The fact that it annually diverts hundreds of tons of would-be demolition debris from our landfill, helps open new doors for the unemployed, assists customer re-use of building materials, rather than disposing of them, as well as helping lead the way in changing community behavior about recycling should matter to the community. I have attached the press release about ReBuild's impending closure and their website address ( for your reference.

Please consider doing whatever you can to save ReBuild.

Thank you.

Your name & possibly telephone number

Addresses of Elected Officials

Congressman James Moran 8th District 703/971-4700 constituent email form on website

State Sen. Richard Saslaw Senate District 35 703/978-0200

State Delegate Kaye Kory Delegate District 38 703/354-6024

Chairman Sharon Bulova Fairfax Bd of Supervisors 703/324-2321 constituent email form on website

Penny Gross Mason District Supervisor. 703/256-7717

Pat Herrity Springfield Supervisor 703/971-4700

Gerry Hyland Mt. Vernon Supervisor 703-780-7518 constituent email form on website