Neighborhood Enhancement Partnership Program Grants Submitted

Post date: Oct 28, 2010 11:59:13 AM

Thanks to the countless hours put in by the outstanding red team we submitted two grant applications for Edsall Park on October 28th. 24 hours ahead of the deadline.

We would like to thank the following team members for their tireless effort.

Elisa and Tim Foster

Judy Redmon

Heather Maier

Richard Delpizzo

Joanne Edwards

Dan Ehrlich

The .pdf from the Fairfax County ASTR system are posted in the Resource Center.

The Edsall Park Swim Club grant is asking for funds to help support:

  • a zero depth baby pool entry
  • stairs for the large pool
  • awning for the front door
  • maintenance on the fence

The Edsall Park Civic Association grand is asking for funds to support:

  • New signage
  • Additional fun annual events
  • More recycling program opportunities
  • Kick off of a neighbor to neighbor program
  • Kick off for the neighborhood watch patrols

For more information on the NEPP program, click here.