HOT Lanes Terminus, just north of Edsall Park, enjoy more bad air and traffic. Listen to the issues TONIGHT 7:30

Post date: Dec 18, 2012 6:55:23 PM

Sent from the Overlook HOA...

The HOT lanes project is continuing on schedule; however, a growing group of residents from throughout the Landmark area is making headway to have it delayed because of the impact it will have on dozen of area communities. We commissioned nationally recognized independent traffic and air quality experts to conduct analyses on the project's impact and the findings are just in. If this project goes forward as planned, an enormous area of Landmark and beyond will be blanketed with pollution levels that exceed EPA standards for safety by as much as 20 times. In addition, our traffic experts determined that the project will INCREASE traffic not only on 395N but also on secondary roads as drivers bailout in search of ways around

395 gridlock.

We are getting increasing media coverage regarding our campaign and are meeting with politicians from local to national. I don't even know what community you live in, but would love for you all to be fully informed of the issues and join the cause, even if only to sign the petition. I know it's late notice, but we invite you and key members in your neighborhood to attend our HOA meeting tonight at 7:30. John Britton--the lead attorney who pushed VDOT out of Arlington and who is our team lead for the expert analysts--will be presenting the findings of the studies. He will cover everything you need to know about how the project will affect your community and dozens of others on both the east and west side of 395. It will kick off about 7:30; he'll speak for 30 minutes.

Directions are:

-from the Edsall Road East exit on 395N, take Edsall Road to Timber Forest.

-Right on Timber Forest

-Left on Morning Mist

-Club house is dead ahead.

Parking is limited. Carpooling is suggested, and if necessary, park at the yellow curb