Facilities Recommendations Posted

Post date: Jun 17, 2011 5:31:19 PM

Posted today: Facilities is recommending that all of BMP go to Holmes and then Edison. Also, that Wakefield Forest change from Poe/Annandale to Frost/Woodson.

They acknowledge this creates a split feeder at Holmes, but justify it by saying that since Edison is the most underutilized HS in the study that it's warranted. They said they if this is adopted by the School Board they will look at BMP overcrowding in the near future and will monitor Holmes' enrollment since they project it would be over capacity by 2016, especially since two of the other ES that feed Holmes (Bailey's and something else) are projected to grow dramatically.

They recommend putting a modular at Frost until the previously scheduled renovation there in 6-7 years and then adding permanent capacity to Frost at that time.