Edsall Park wins two Fairfax County grants

Post date: Feb 17, 2011 3:19:53 AM

The Edsall Park Swim Club and Edsall Park Civic Association have been given grants from the NEPP program from Fairfax County.

Thanks to everyone who helped create the grant applications. The applications and the award letters are posted in the resource center.

The Edsall Park Swim Club grant will provide the following improvements

  • Provide to our youngest members a zero depth ramp into our baby pool
  • Install a staircase to create ease of access into the pool for our older members
  • Replace aged diving board which is a popular feature for friendly contests among teenagers and preteens.
  • Fix outer safety issues to maintain after hours security and deter vandalism
  • We will be partnering with our sister organization Edsall Park Civic Association to improve current website to include newsletters, articles, calendaring and comments

The Edsall Park Civic Association grant will provide these improvements

  • Continue to enhance community involvement by continuing to develop neighborhood gathering opportunities as well as three major events
  • Seasonal family block parties including more activities for children and adults
  • Continuing our yard sale program
  • Community clean up and recycling days
  • Build multiple neighborhood signage entering and exiting neighborhood
  • Create a welcome committee to welcome our newest neighbors to the area. This committee would provide information and welcome gifts
  • Re‐establish the community Neighborhood Watch program
  • Improve current website to include newsletters, articles, calendaring and comments

More details coming soon.