Edison Marching Eagles Mattress Sale

Post date: Nov 16, 2012 3:19:44 AM

My fellow neighbors of Edsall Park,

My name is Danny Ehrlich and I am a 14 year old that lives here in Edsall Park and is a member of EPSC. I attend Edison High School and am a part of the Edison Marching Eagles, the Marching Band. We have a Spring Trip to Disney next year in March and I need your help to get me there. The Band is holding a Mattress Sale and there is an attached flier than can explain this fundraiser more than I. But this fundraiser personally helps me earn my way to the Disney Spring Trip through your help. I am a trusted member of the neighborhood as I am currently doing my Eagle Project at EPSC by putting in an AED, two new sinks, etc. The event does take place on November 17, 2012, as said on the flier. Also, please remember if you do go and buy a mattress, mention my name as Danny Ehrlich (since there are three Daniels in the Band, it can get confusing). Thank you so much for considering to support me! Again, if you need more info on this event, it is on the flier, or you can e-mail me at danny.e@verizon.net or e-mail the Pool President, Bryan Woodcock at abcwoodcock@gmail.com.

Danny Ehrlich

Edison Marching Eagle and Proud Member of Edsall Park Swim Club”