Come out and swim in the 3rd Annual Lap-A-Thon

Post date: Jul 5, 2011 6:56:15 PM

We will be holding our 3rd annual Lap-A-Thon on the 20th at 6 o'clock at Edsall Park pool. The sponsorship forms will be available during practice this week.

This is the best way to keep our team's dues low. One could see it as our version of holding a car wash to raise money. Anyone can swim, including parents. Mr.Delpizzo participates every year. The swimmers are given two hours to swim as many laps as possible. I believe last year, we had some 15-18 year olds swim well over 200 laps. Even the youngest swimmer can participate. The swimmers can use kick boards, noodles, whatever they would like. It doesn't matter how many laps they swim. The purpose is for them to make a goal for themselves and try to obtain it.

We will be having pizza for the swimmers after to celebrate their accomplishment. At the awards ceremony after divisionals, we will have an award for the swimmer who swam the most laps, as well as for the one who raised the most money.

Your sponsors can make a donation per lap or make an overall donation. Here's an example. Let's say Alex says he thinks he can swim 160 laps. He asks his aunt to sponsor him and she has one of two options. The first would be to do a flat donation and give him some money then. She could also say I will give you 1 cent for each lap you swim. At the lapa thon, Alex swims 170 laps. He then goes back to her and collects,$1.70 from her.