Boundaries Changes to Annandale

Post date: Jul 16, 2011 9:04:02 PM

Read Sandy Evan's newsletter and the email below from AHS Band.

Below are two emails concerning the redistricting proposals for the AHS pyramid schools.

This proposal affects you whether or not you have kids in the FCPS system.

The fact is that AHS is overcrowded now and projected enrollments only increase the number of students. There are two alternatives:

One: change the AHS pyramid by moving some neighborhoods (Bren Mar Park, Edsall Park, Wakefield, Chapel Square) to other high school pyramids. We don't like this plan!

Two: keep the AHS pyramid intact by streamlining Holmes, Poe, and Annandale schools. We like this plan!

Read the two emails below or check out this website for more details:

The School board is saying they haven't heard many 'no's, so they believe the silence means 'okay'. I encourage all of you to take a moment to copy and paste the following email address into your email 'to' window and then - politely - tell the school board you are in favor of keeping the current AHS pyramid intact.

Thank you -




Subject: Annandale Redistricting

Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2011 14:41:47 -0700

Band Family,

Although I am not the author of the information below, I thought it important to send to you all. I live in the Wakefield Chapel Community - and have been fighting hard to keep our neighborhood at Annandale High School. My neighborhood has a lot of parent volunteers and students involved in many of the school activities, as you will read below. When I attend board hearings, rallies, etc. - there are several parents and students from the Wakefield Chapel community in attendance. There are a few from other neighborhoods as well - but we need more support. The school board needs to hear the same message from concerned students and families from neighborhoods untouched by the boundary changes. Do you think these proposed (and recommended) boundary changes treat students inside the beltway fairly? Do you think these changes represent long-term solutions for the over crowding at AHS? Do you feel as though your views and those of the majority of the families at AHS are being represented by our school board member? If you have concerns about any of these things - the time for action is NOW. The board will meet to discuss the boundary recommendations at its work session on Monday, July 18. They will vote to take action on the boundary recommendations on Thursday, July 28.

PLEASE consider taking a moment out of your day to write to the board members encouraging them not to take Bren Mar and Wakefield Chapel out of AHS. There have to be better solutions to the over crowding issue.

You can write to the school board members at:;

Please see additional information below.

Thank you!

Kathie Turner

Parent, AHSBB Guard Mom and outgoing VP

AHS Friends,

You're receiving this email because in some way or another we've shared an experience at Annandale HS. Whether it's thru an AHS sports team, club or the PTSA, I know you're invested in our school and would want to know about changes coming our way that could dramatically impact our students.

Did you know the FCPS school board is about to vote (July 28the) on yet another boundary change which could dramatically change AHS? One of those neighborhoods targeted to be moved (to Woodson) is ours, the Chapel Square neighborhood just outside the beltway. Our community has spent much of the summer fighting to stay at Annandale because we know that the diversity at AHS has benefited our students more than we could have possibly imagined. WFES parents want to stay at Annandale because we know first hand the Annandale High School success story and we want to remain a part of it. We're also worried about what these never-ending boundary changes will mean for the students and staff left behind.

Seeing our Annandale school community taken apart, one neighborhood at a time, while ignoring what that will actually mean for the school over the long-term (even if we're forced to leave) is frightening. The decision FCPS is now just weeks away from making will be felt at Annandale High School and for the families who remain, like yours, for the rest of its history. The School board, by simply shifting a few lines on a map, is about to forever alter the unique character and socio-economic mix that is AHS. It also ignores the true long-term solutions needed to address overcrowding inside the beltway which will continue, even after these proposed boundary changes would take effect.

Some on the school board (including our own representative Tessie Wilson) claim that the AHS community doesn't really care about losing another group of neighborhoods because they haven't been writing or testifying (in the middle of summer) against this latest boundary proposal. You and I know that's absurd; however, that's the argument being made to continue the shift of large percentages of our athletes, IB students, Ablast staff, Choir and Band members and PTSA volunteers to other schools.

I worked with the Annandale Regional Planning Study group for months because I believed we needed to find overcrowding options beyond just the same old shift-the-lines approach FCPS continues to use. Our group proposed several truly long-term, non-boundary options which would alleviate overcrowding in our entire region (because it's not just an AHS issue); however, those have been ignored by the school board in favor of this divisive, destructive and band-aid boundary approach.

The School board is poised to shift even more neighborhoods out of Annandale because they claim AHS families don't care. If you do care, please take just 5 minutes and tell the School board they can't continue to just shift students from AHS with no regard to what that will mean to the school once they're done. The School board can shrink AHS' population with the stroke of a boundary pen, temporarily...but that is not all that matters. There are ways to relieve our overcrowding without destroying the cultural and socioeconomic diversity that makes AHS such a success.

Sorry so long...but I do hope you'll take the time to tell the School Board what you think at