Annandale Lacey Staff Recommendations Posted

Post date: Jun 17, 2011 5:29:35 PM

Dear Friends,

The staff recommendation for relieving overcrowding at Annandale High School and for creating a new elementary school at the Lacey Center site has been posted, with some explanatory information. I’ve provided the link at the end of this email.

Considering the challenges involved, there is significant good news in the staff recommendation, much of this as a result of advocacy from the community. The staff recommendation includes:

--Keeping the AAP Center at Glasgow MS

--Full grandfathering at Annandale High School for all students who have entered AHS by fall 2011, so no high school student would have to switch after making the transition to high school. (High school changes would start with rising 9th graders in fall 2012.)

--Full grandfathering for all middle school students who have entered their middle school by fall 2011, so in fall 2012 both rising 7th and 8th graders at our 6-8 grade middle schools would remain at their current middle school. (Middle school changes would start with rising 6th graders in fall 2012.)

--Grandfathering of elementary students who are entering the top grade at their school in fall 2012, allowing them to finish at their old school (rising 5th graders at K-5 schools; rising 6th graders at K-6 schools).

--Continued transportation for grandfathered students.

--Bren Mar Park ES will not have its own elementary school boundaries changed, so students in the western section of BMP won’t be reassigned to North Springfield. (This means BMP’s own overcrowding issues will be dealt with thoughtfully in the future, not scooted into this study with other missions.)

--The Sleepy Hollow Woods community will remain assigned to Glasgow MS and Stuart HS.

--Beech Tree ES would receive some repopulation and will remain at Glasgow/Stuart.

--The Parklawn ES split feeder, one area identified by the Ad Hoc Study Committee and in staff options for potentially moving out of AHS, will remain at AHS.

At the same time, I know there will be serious disappointment for some under this recommendation:

--High school students who live in the Bren Mar Park ES area would be reassigned to Edison HS starting with rising 9th graders in fall 2012. I will continue to work with this community to discuss what options we have over the next six weeks before the School Board considers any revisions to the recommendation and takes a final vote on the plan.

--High school students in the Wakefield Forest ES area that now attend AHS would be reassigned to Woodson HS.

--The Columbia Pines neighborhood is assigned to Poe/Falls Church High School rather than aligning with neighbors from Sleepy Hollow Woods to attend Glasgow/Stuart. I will be talking with the Columbia Pines community to consider continued advocacy here.

--The Annandale Terrace ES portion north of 236 would not only leave Annandale Terrace but would be split between the new school at Lacey and Woodburn ES, while all of the Woodburn island would be reassigned to “Lacey.” I will be discussing the pros and cons of this approach with both communities as we move forward.

--We will need to work to make sure that all of our schools remain strong after any changes, and I know several school communities (including AHS itself, Belvedere ES and Beech Tree ES) have concerns about this that need to be addressed.

PTA Presidents and Civic Associations, please help get this information to your members.

Once you’ve had a chance to look at the specifics of the staff recommendation, feel free to contact me with your views. (Note: I have had to deal with a family emergency in St. Louis, am taking a break from it just long enough to write this note, but will have only very limited access to emails for the next several days at least. I will read all and respond as soon as possible.)

On June 23, the School Board will get a presentation of this staff recommendation. You can watch this on Channel 21 or access it on videostream the next day from the FCPS web site. Hearings on the staff recommendation will be held July 11 and 12. To sign up, either call 571-423-1075 or sign up online at this link:

Here is the link to the staff recommendation posted today as “New Business” for the School Board:$file/Appendix%20A%20-%20%20%20Annandale%20Regional%20Study.pdf


Sandy Evans