2014 EPSC New Member Letter

Post date: Mar 15, 2014 1:15:35 PM

Welcome to the start of the 2014 swim season. The pool will be opened before you know it. Our pool is a special place that deserves to be celebrated. We are in the process of planning activities for the summer including potlucks, movie nights, raft nights, dance parties as well as events for specific ages. We would like to have a committee of members who could help plan these events.

Rebuilding our Pools - Last year, we were able to get our pools completely rebuilt and the plumbing fixed. Thanks to the Fairfax County Neighborhood Enhancement Program, we were able to install a gazebo in the grassy area in the back. This is available for members to use for parties, or just a family dinner. We have always had our spring projects and this year is no different. Again thanks to the NEPP Program grant we will be adding a drainage system to the backyard and updating the snack shack. We also will be beautifying the area. Helping with this project can count to work or pay hours.

Expenses - To cover the long needed pool renovation there will be an additional $50 fee to cover our debt load for this project as well as to support our capital improvement account. This fee is the same as last year and will be in place until the loan is paid off.

Shares - Last year, it was decided at the membership meeting to bring back shares for members. This is also a loan requirement. Membership shares allow your family members to lock in pricing from 2014 again membership rates increase in future years. For 2014, the share price per family is $50.00. In 2015, the share price will go up to $75. 00. If you have previously held a share, please email your share number at epsc@edsallpark.org.

Fundraising - In addition to the capital fee discussed above, we need to hold some fund raising events such as a yard sale, car washes, restaurant nights and a lap-a-thon in late June. The lap a thon will be open to our entire membership for participation, so we will look forward to seeing a lot of members during the event. We will begin with two restaurant nights. One at Subway (5601 General Washington Drive Alexandria, VA 22312) on March 28th from 3pm to 9pm. Thanks to our member Martika from Subway. The other restaurant night will be on April 30th, from 5pm to 8pm at the McDonalds at 5506 Backlick Rd, Springfield, VA 22151. We have also started a banner program to encourage local businesses to advertise at the pool. The banner flyer is on the website.

How you can help!! - Last year, we had an increase in membership; we need this to continue. There are many ways you can help. First, you can pay for your membership before the season starts. Paying before May 1st will allow you to save the $15 processing fee (with coupon code Earlybird). This year, we will be using Active.com to process all of our memberships. We are able to process credit card payments, e-checks and payment plans through our website.

We will also be doing work or pay again. All members are assessed a $40.00 fee for Work or Pay. The fee will be waived if you provide 4 hours of support at the pool.

You can also help the pool by donating items the pool needs on a daily basis during the summer. This includes cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies, as well as snacks to be sold. Donations that reach $40.00 or more can be used instead of work or pay. Remember, we all are in this together.

Talk to your neighbors and friends and share how great our pool is. Encourage them to stop by and take a look. They will be glad they did.

The Edsall Park Swim Club Board