FInal Project



    This app is called "MuniMapper" and it was created by Melanie Garcia and I. This app allows for user to look up desired buses and their arrival times, up to the next five, and save this time to their phone, and the app will constantly update this every thirty seconds as long as the app is running in the background. Another feature this app has is that there is an alarm that goes off when the closest bus is within the user's specified number of minutes that can be set within the user interface. A feature we would like to implement in the future is to allow the user to choose multiple bus and save multiple bus stops. Another feature we would like to implement is to allow the user to just pick all their choices from the lists without having to input the 5-digit stop ID at the end. As it is right now, the user has to choose their bus route and stop from a list and then input the stop ID in a separate box.One problem with the app right now is that if the 30second timer to refresh the bus times goes off without the user inputing a desired alarm time then the app will break down and shut off, so it is advised for the user to immediately input the desired alarm time to prevent this. 


If you would like to sample this app, scan the bar code below