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What is WeLearnedIt

WeLearnedIt is a learning platform for iPad that enables teachers to create and share dynamic projects, leave meaningful feedback on student work, and allows learners to capture and track their academic growth and achievement over time in digital learning portfolios. We offer a complete solution for classrooms, schools, and districts to empower educators, engage students, connect with parents, and provide meaningful and actionable data to administrators.

Why we build WeLearnedIt

WeLearnedIt was created out of educational need by a former teacher and educational technologist. It was crafted based on real pain points and needs of teachers, students, and administrators.

We built WeLearnedIt as a powerful tool to help teachers craft powerful project assignments that resulted in more than just a quiz or bubble-test. We want to see the learning process that students go through, celebrate their growth over time and give them meaningful feedback from both their classroom teachers, as well as their peers and other experts and learners on our platform.

Our view on feedback is that it isn’t sufficient for a student to get a letter or number grade on a project that has depth and is not as clear cut. We want the feedback to help the learner grow and get better not be like a static grade which is so often a final goal with no reflection or further thought. Teachers, peers, and parents (based on permissions) can provide audio, video, and text feedback.  Teachers can also use rubrics (either create their own or use templates) which can be shown to the students and then used to help give them a grade. We also allow teachers to provide badges with explanations and letter grades if they so desire.

We also want students to be proud of the work that they do. The best work that is done in school shouldn’t be thrown out in a digital or literal trash bin. That is why we incorporated the concept of learning portfolios. This is an area we are currently working to expand and give more power and choice to students as they curate and share the best of their work - which can be school-based projects or personal projects like learning to write music, paint, or making something with your hands.

Who is WeLearnedIt for?

Designed primarily for the K-12 learning space, WeLearnedIt provides a holistic learning solution that involves teachers, students, administrators, and parents.

The platform we designed is malleable and encourages teachers to create (and share) project assignments. Whether the platform is used as a full classroom LMS (Learning Management System) for a PBL (Project Based Learning) program, or is used to help students create digital learning portfolios to show growth over time, this is a full-featured suite that will easily become part of the educator and student workflow.

WeLearnedIt also features the ability for parents to be signed up and view the student work that is being created, be notified automatically about student progress and assignments, as well as receive digital reports that show the student work on projects with the feedback from the teacher - not just a canned comment and a letter grade.  

Administrators can access overviews for their schools/districts and see how students are doing over time, create/view/share digital progress reports, and help recommend projects and rubrics to help their staff.

How to get started with WeLearnedIt

The WeLearnedIt app is available as a free download in the iPad App Store. Simply head to bit.ly/WeLearnedIt and download it in order to sign up for an account. If you already have an eduClipper account you can skip the sign up and log in with that existing account to get get up and running even more quickly.

Special Limited Time Offer

Special Discount offer for #EdProdChat audience!  Enter the code “25offlearn” when purchasing a classroom or school license and you will save 25% off the first year of service.  You can purchase a license from bit.ly/GetWeLearnedIt  - Current pricing for the WeLearnedIt Classroom plan is $10/month and a School license is $995/year.  District pricing is available after a quick consultation.