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The Bearcamp Trackers are a small group of people dedicated to practicing a formal mode of citizen science directed toward monitoring the health of our wildlife habitat in and around the Bearcamp River watershed of central New Hampshire. Our mission is:

Tpromote the understanding and conservation of wildlife
habitat through long-term monitoring and education.

Our long-term monitoring data is shared with local conservation groups working to protect wildlife connectivity. We help landowners and managers by providing findings that will help develop a management plan consistent with the protection and improvement of wildlife habitat. We offer one tool of the many tools needed to preserve an intact and complete natural environment. We are a self-funded, independent group with no formal affiliation with any other conservation organization. This gives us the freedom to pick our projects based on the merits as they fit into our mission, and allows us to work with a diverse group of organizations, town agencies and private landowners. We also invite wildlife experts for presentations for small groups and for the general public.