Terms and Conditions

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  • Fees for tuition are £30 per hour, payable one session in advance, and can be paid in cash (I do not accept cheques)

  • Therefore in the first lesson payment, the fee will be paid for two lessons and the last lesson will not require a payment. This deposit can only be refunded at David Edon's discretion

  • All resources are paid for by myself and included in the hourly rate. This means that books, practice papers and any equipment necessary are something you don’t have to worry about!

  • Lessons will always take place on the day and time agreed, unless it is rearranged for a time that is mutually convenient

  • Lessons cancelled with less than 48 hours notice may be billed to the client at the agreed lesson rates at David Edon's discretion

  • Examination Boards require that all course work is completed by the candidate independently.  Therefore I cannot and will not complete this on behalf of the learner.  However I will teach the subjects needed in a general way

  • I strive to provide the best possible service. However, I will not be held responsible for the academic success or lack thereof demonstrated by the student. I will do everything in my power to help the learner improve their skills but I cannot guarantee success