About My Writing...

This used to be a fairly lame site to organize my repeatedly renamed and disbanded "clan" from back when I played Runescape, but now it's just a place for me to see what people think of my stuff. If anybody's interested, i got the title from Eragon, and it means "Unconquerable Clan." What can I say? I made this when i was twelve... 

The site was originally a Freewebs.com site. After Freewebs changed their name to Webs (apparently also changing their formatting) I stopped being able to paste long columns of text, and so I have relocated everything to what I hope to be a more reliable server. Unfortunately, I am unable to post background music like I did on my other one.

I've had a number of random web surfers comment over the years. Their advice was not exactly constructive...

Honestly, the only reason I made this mess was to show off stuff that I've written, and hopefully get some feedback on how to improve them. I'm not delusional enough to think I can make a career out of writing this garbage, but it's a good hobby. I DO want to make this all as good as possible, though, so if you see anything you don't particularly like about something I've written, feel free to tell me. I'm a good sport.

I began writing science fiction stories when I was in third grade (They where more fiction than science at that point) and I started out with a ripoff of X-Men, which I've long since given up on. I was just messing around at that point, but after a couple of years I discovered that I was steadily and rapidly improving. I continued writing as a hobby and when I made it to middle school and my teachers started assigning essays and research papers, which I consistently got near perfect grades on, I realized that there might be something serious here. I don't kid myself into thinking that I can make any kind of a living off this garbage, but I'd like to think that somebody somewhere would enjoy it. It's possible if this site picks up and lots of people start reading, I could get ads put onto it and make a little money. =)

Most of the things I will post on this site are incomplete, and probably will never be completed simply because I do not think they are good enough to put the effort into. I'd like to figure out how I can make it so that the next things I start to write will get better rather than worse as I go. I can identify some of my problems already: When I was younger I did not put half the detail I needed into things, and now that I'm older I often find I've put to much. I don't plan out things well enough ahead of time, but I find that doing so often takes the fun out of writing it. I know that these can't be the only flaws, however, hence this site.

I have a habit of deleting everything that doesn't work out right (mostly out of disgust,) so I don't have any handy examples of very, very bad failures. I'm sure you'll find plenty to make mock of, though.

If you've come here from the Daily Galaxy because your' tired of reading the mindless, senseless garbage collected by Casey Kazan, please take a look at the page titled "Science" on the left side of the screen. Keep in mind, however, that it is all uncorroborated theorizing and none of it is supported by any scientific institution. (And if you think you can argue with me, by all means give it a shot)

so... I guess that's it. Some of the stuff gets a little long winded, but it sure ain't boring (if you're a nerd like me.) If you do read anything, make sure to leave me a comment about what you liked or didn't like.