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2. Research Experience

     My research experience has taken place in Drexel University's Department of Material Science and Engineering for Dr. Surya Kalidindi, specifically in the Mechanics of Microstructures Group.  The main focus of my research within this group is to mathematically model the properties of materials using a variety of data interpolation techniques. For this purpose, the mathematical programming language, MATLAB (short for Matrix Laboratory), is heavily utilized.  Joshua Shaffer, a post-graduate student within the department, has been my day-to-day mentor for the experience, providing valuable assistance to me for both how to use and manually program a number of functions within the MATLAB programming language.  The actual material which I conducted an experiment upon using MATLAB was a cylinder of titanium, for which the stress and strain curve was calculated during the course of a compression test.  Please click on the sub-pages at the bottom to see the methodology and results of the actual experiment...  
(Me at the end of a typical day after working with MATLAB...)