Discussion Group

I organized (jointly with Peyton Young) a discussion group on "Learning, Games and Networks" at Nuffield College from January 2010 till December 2011. The list of speakers and the title of all the papers presented is available below.

Michaelmas Term 2011

Week 6: Manuel Mueller-Frank (Oxford) - "Consensus in networks"

Week 3: Lucas Brown (Oxford) - "
An experiment on the role of social learning in innovation diffusion"

Week 1: Itai Arieli (Oxford) - "Fast convergence in population games" (joint with Peyton Young)

Trinity Term 2011

Week 8: Joel Watson (UC San Diego) - "Contractual chains"

Week 7: Yakov Babickenko (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) - "Communication complexity and efficiency"

Week 6: Jason Marden (University of Colorado) - "Utility design for distributed systems"

Week 5: Georgios Piliouras (Georgia Institute of Technology) - "Beating the price of anarchy without regret"

Week 3: In-Uck Park (University of Bristol) - "Internal hierarchy and stable coalition structures" (joint with Massimo Morelli)

Week 1: Daniele Condorelli (University of Essex) - "Bilateral trading in networks" (joint with Andrea Galeotti)

Hilary Term 2011

Week 6: Edoardo Gallo (Oxford) - "Social learning by chit-chat"

Week 4: Zaki Wahhaj (Oxford) - "Social Norms, Higher Order Beliefs and the Emperor's New Clothes"

Michaelmas Term 2010

Week 8: Francesco Nava (LSE) - "Quantity Competition in Networked Markets"

Week 4: Andrew Mell (Oxford) - "Re-Thinking Reputation"

Week 2: Manuel Mueller-Frank (Oxford) - "
Opinion Formation in Networks with Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Agents"

Trinity Term 2010

Week 8: Matt Elliott (Stanford) - "Search with multilateral bargaining"

Week 6: Sujit Kapadia (Bank of England) - "Liquidity hoarding, network externalities, and interbank market collapse" (joint with Prasanna Gai)

Week 4: Jean-Paul Carvalho (Oxford) - "Veiling"

Week 2: Adrien Vigier (Cambridge) - "Endogenous interaction and vaccination" (joint with Sanjeev Goyal)

Hilary Term 2010

Week 8: Thomas Norman (Oxford) - "Preference evolution"

Week 6: Bary Pradelski (Oxford) - "Completely uncoupled learning: Welfare and stability" (joint with Peyton Young)

Week 4: Heinrich Nax (Oxford) - "Cooperation with trial and error"

Week 2: Marcel Fafchamps (Oxford) - "Networks in development economics"