Research organization

Below you can find information about past research meetings and/or seminar series that I have helped to organize and current/upcoming events that I am involved in. They are listed in reverse chronological order and you can still access the programmes by clicking on the relevant links. 
Please do get in touch if you have any questions about them or you would like further information.

Program Committee of the 6th Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications, Lyon, Nov 29th-Dec 1st 2017.

Microeconomics Workshops, University of Cambridge, 2012-2016.

Microeconomics Seminar Series, University of Cambridge, 2012-2014.

RES Special Session on "Network Experiments" (with Sanjeev Goyal), RES Conference (University of Cambridge), March 27th 2012.

ESF Exploratory Workshop on "Information and behavior in networks" (with Marcel Fafchamps and Sanjeev Goyal), Nuffield College (University of Oxford), December 9th-10th 2010.

Discussion Group on "Learning, Games and Networks" (with Peyton Young), Nuffield College (University of Oxford), Jan 2010-Dec 2011.