Below you can find the syllabi and the lecture notes for the courses that I am teaching.

Part IIA - Economics of uncertainty and information (BA)

Lent Term 


Moral hazard

Adverse selection


Theory of the firm

Economics and psychology

Part IIB ETA - Networks and experiments (BA)

Lent Term 

Lecture 1 - Introduction and network formation

Lecture 2 - Games on networks

Lecture 3 - The experimental methodology

Lecture 4 - Network experiments

PhD40 - How To Do Economics (PhD)

Michaelmas Term 

Lecture 1 - How to do a paper

Lecture 2 - How to do a PhD

M140 - Behavioural Economics (MPhil)

Lent Term (with Christopher Harris)

Lecture 1 - Biases & heuristics I

Lecture 2 - Biases & heuristics II

Lecture 3 - Applications to labor

Lecture 4 - Applications to development