Order of Service

July 23, 2017

Summer Theme: The Games We Play

Settlers of Catan


10:45 Worship Service

Prelude and Quiet Meditation

Call to Worship

Leader:    O God,

               we come seeking you in our worship together.

               We come to you for truth because we are untrue.

               We come to you for strength because we are weak.

               We come to you for wisdom because we are unwise.

People:   Move in our midst;

               show us your truth, your strength, and your wisdom,

               through our saviour, Jesus Christ. AMEN


Hymn                       Come, walk with us                                      STJ#2


Hymn                       I saw a tree by the riverside                    STS#116

Children’s Feature                                                               

Scripture                   1 Kings 5:1-11 (p. 307)                      


Message                   The Perfect Trade                              Liam Kachkar

Hymn                       I sing the mighty power of God                HWB#46

Offertory Prayer

Offering                    Breathe on me, breath of God                HWB#356

Joys and Concerns

Prayers of the People


Sending Hymn           For we are strangers no more                HWB#322


Postlude and Quiet Meditation