Community Life

We believe that "The church is the new community of disciples sent into the world to proclaim the reign of God and to provide a foretaste of the church's glorious hope." (Confession of Faith, p. 39) We live in a society of fragmented relationships and conflicting demands on our time and other resources. In such a society, the building of a sense of community among church participants requires focused attention. We recognize the need for the continual development of our church family through personal interaction, shared experiences, mutual support, careful discussion of issues, and the development of a common story (identity).

For Children

"Celebrations 3-8" 
This is a time of worship especially for children between the ages of 3 and 8, and is held in the basement during the latter part of the morning worship hour usually on Sundays where Communion is being celebrated. Parents of participating children help lead these 20-30 minute worship times on a rotating basis.

Children's Choir
Children in Grades 1-8 who like to sing or who want to learn how to sing are invited to practice on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. The Children's Choir sings in the worship service one Sunday per month.

Junior Ushers
Children in grade 4 and up are invited to be Jr. Ushers, assisting our ushers with handing out Worship Bulletins and collecting the morning offering.

For Youth and Young Adult

We affirm that our youth and young adults are a vital part of our Christian community.

Vision Statement
As junior and senior youth at FMC, we strive to be good examples for the world around us by following Jesus' teachings and reaching out to the community. Through these actions, we endeavour to grow in our faith as Mennonite youth and to support this growth in each other.

In addition to Sunday School classes, we offer the following opportunities:

Junior Youth
Students in Grades 7-9 meet monthly for a 'hangout night', organized by our youth sponsors. A Jr. and Sr. Youth event is held jointly once a month for larger activities, organized by the Youth Council.

Students in Grades 10-12 meet monthly for a 'hangout night', organized by our youth sponsors. A Jr. and Sr. Youth event is held jointly once a month for larger activities, organized by the Youth Council.

Youth Council
The Youth Council is made up of Jr. and Sr. high students, the Youth Ministries Coordinator, Youth Sponsors and a parent representative. They meet 2-3 times per year (or as needed) to set the youth calendar of activities, discuss hangout night options, and plan the larger joint youth group activities.


This is an opportunity for youth in Grades 7-12 to be matched with an adult mentor from within the congregation.

College and Careers
If you are too old for high school, too young for The Socialites (40+), and pre-kids, this is the group for you. A pizza lunch is hosted every fall by the Deacons as a way to connect young adults new to our congregation with those who have been attending.  Other activities are planned by the group.

For Adults

Adult Choir
Our adult choir practices every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. We invite all in grade 9 and up who enjoy singing and who wish to offer their singing to the worship of God to join the choir. The Adult choir sings in the worship service two times per month.

Small Groups
We feel it is important for us to get to know one another in settings other than Sunday morning worship. The following opportunities are planned with the various needs and schedules of our congregation in mind:

Sharing and Caring
This group provides an opportunity for fellowship while attending social activities, partaking in potlucks, sharing, caring and praying for each other. Those attending are primarily 'empty-nesters' who enjoy visiting without children. People take turns hosting each month.

Women's Daytime Bible Study
A group of women that meets once a week for Bible Study, conversation and coffee. Children are welcome (but not required).

Women in Mission
An intergenerational meeting of women from our congregation on the last Monday of each month for fellowship, study and service.

FMC Seniors
This group meets once a month for afternoon coffee at the church. The Seniors group has attracted 25 to 30 people. We have had potluck suppers, brunch at a Tea House, pancake breakfast, as well as discussion evenings.

The Socialites
The Socialites are a group of adults that meet for fellowship and socialization. They meet approximately every 6 weeks either in people's homes or at activities.

Quilting Group

This group meets Tuesdays, 9am-noon to work on a variety of projects. They alternate between working on personal projects and making tied quilts for MCC. Quilt tying happens each week.

Ecological Footprint Leadership Group
This group was formed as a response to increasing evidence of environmental damage. We will work to find ways to help the church as a whole and each of us as individuals and families to reduce our ecological footprint and care for God's creation. We welcome all to occasional potlucks and events.

Family Fellowship Group
This group is for families of all ages, shapes and sizes, including families of one! Particular appeal may be for those families with children 12 years old and under. It is an opportunity to connect with other families, foster friendships, have fun and grow in your faith. There will be a monthly gathering with a planned activity and short devotional. Swimming, skating, tobogganing, games, and wiener roasts are some examples of activities. Families will take turns organizing each event.

Truth and Reconciliation Action Group
In 2016, First Mennonite Church responded to the Truth and Reconciliation Call to Action Number 48 IV. We as a church will work towards reconciliation and to become more intentionally welcoming of Indigenous peoples. Participants of TRAG will build on an attitude of reconciliation and collaboration and journey together to promote learning and reconciling with our Indigenous neighbours. The Group will be mutually respectful, participant-led, and meet often throughout the year (casual attendance is welcome).