First Mennonite Church is rooted in the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition. We are called as a community of faith to worship God, proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, engage in Christian fellowship, and reach out in service to the world. Jesus is at the centre of our faith, community is at the centre of our life, and peace, nonviolence, and reconciliation are at the centre of our faith lived out.

Who We Are


Vision Statement

We share the vision statement of Mennonite Church Canada:

Our Approach to Confessions of Faith

While it is important to summarize and affirm key beliefs, we recognize that no one statement can include all that is important to our church and its participants. Confessions connect us to the wider church by identifying some of the beliefs and understandings that shape us. Faith statements allow us to celebrate our unity with each other while recognizing it is not necessary nor desirable that everyone agree on every point; and provide general guidelines for discussion, challenge, and mutual growth.

What to expect Sunday morning

We welcome all to join us Sunday morning. Read more... to learn about our what happens when you walk through our doors.

Congregational Life

Ministry Opportunities abound within the congregation. All our programs are organized and

run by volunteers.

To explore possible avenues of service contact the church office.


Pastor: Craig Neufeld

Office Administrator: Ev Buhr


Safe Place Policy 

It is the commitment of First Mennonite Church to ensure the protection of all who attend our ministries and to recognize our responsibility for the people in our care. The Safe Place Policy is intended to balance the spiritual, moral, and ethical responsibilities of the First Mennonite Church with its legal obligations under the laws of Canada and the Province of Alberta. It is our desire to protect all the people in our ministries from all forms of abuse, and to protect church workers from false or wrongful allegations.

The Safe Place Policy is available from the church office.

Privacy Policy

First Mennonite Church (FMC) is governed by privacy legislation enacted by the Province of Alberta and the Government of Canada.  The Personal Information Privacy Act (PIPA) protects the personal information of employees, members, adherents, volunteers and visitors of organizations operating in Alberta. It governs the collection, use, disclosure and retention of personal information by organizations in a manner that recognizes and balances the right of an individual to have his or her personal information protected, and the need of an organization to collect, use, disclose or retain personal information for purposes that are reasonable.

FMC is bound by the requirements of PIPA as well as other provincial and federal legislation, and FMC collects, uses, discloses and retains personal information in accordance with this legislation. In keeping with provincial and federal legislation, FMC has enacted its Personal Information Privacy Policy (PIPP). A copy of the policy is available from the church office.

Facility info

Read more... for information on accessibility, facility rentals, etc.


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