Professional Development within your school 

What is edmodo? 

  • edmodo is a free, secure site for teachers to use within classrooms and to collaborate with other educators.  
  • edmodo is an online networking application for teachers and students.  (Like Facebook but in a controlled environment that is appropriate for school)
  • it is a tool for teachers to use within their classrooms to communicate in a new way
  • edmodo provides many ways for teachers to connect with other teachers (both within the school and outside the school)

Getting StartedEdmodo_Teacher_Training_Presentation.ppt

Why would I use it?

Engage your students

Collaborate, exchange ideas and share information in a secure, closed environment
  • provide a safe environment to differentiate instruction for whole group or one-on-one communication
  • create an anytime, anywhere mobile learning environment with iPhone and Android apps and mobile site
  • provide easy access to projects, classwork and school events through assignments, quizzes, calendar and gradebook functions
  • edmodo provides teachers with a place to post assignment reminders, and messages to the group. Users can share links, videos and images with those in the group. 

Connect with your peers

Edmodo communities instantly connect teachers to a global network of educators
  • participate in subject area and partner communities to extend professional development opportunities and be a life long learner
  • you can build multiple private groups with other teachers and students to communicate with
  • share successes, interests, and career achievements through your personal profile 
  • expand your professional learning network (PLN)

Share and store content

Store and manage content within the library through a wide-range of file formats in the cloud-based environment that can be accessed anywhere.
  • create and manage your own content resources in your library, including those you have shared and received from others
  • share all of your content for a unit of study through library-folder sharing
  • allow students access to the content that they need immediately via their edmodo "backpack"
  • the ability to join online communities surrounding common interests/subjects and share/collaborate with other teachers around the world.
  • you can communicate with students when they are absent or when you aren't in the classroom - a common place to look for information

Encourage district-wide collaboration

Schools and districts can access additional functions when they are registered through their district
  • improve communication by connecting all students, parents, schools and administrators in a closed community
  • encourage professional development through teacher-to-teacher collaboration
  • facilitate communication within and between schools in the district

Track and Measure Success

Sub-domains also give administrators greater insight into district activities through a secure, easy-to-use interface
  • use built-in analytics to measure school and classroom engagement
  • schedule events, give quizzes, polls through the calendar feature
  • add users, schools and view grades
Access on-the-go

With the mobile version of the website and apps available on smartphones and tablets, you can quickly and easily access your virtual classroom anytime and anywhere. 
  • get updates and notifications while on-the-go

Access to tons of digital content through edmodo's partner applications 

Teachers can easily connect lots of different 3rd party teaching application to use within in their edmodo classrooms 
  • access digital content on sites such as BrainNook, Easy Bib, DoInk, Khan Academy etc to support classroom instruction
  • integrate these partner applications to use for student assignments, grades, and badges 

How can I use it?
  • build a digital library (students and teachers can create digital libraries to house important files that can be accessed from anywhere)
  • post assignments for students
  • post polls for students to assess learning
  • post quizzes (more assessment)
  • connect with other teachers: join discussion groups to share ideas, lesson plans, teaching strategies and project development
  • access edmodo via free iPhone or Android apps on your phone 
  • create parent accounts
  • generate printable classroom rosters
  • embed videos directly so you never have to leave the site
  • Establish an "institutional account"
  • Create formal user groups
    • share best practices
    • peer support
    • materials
    • online interactions/meetings
  • Use the site for data reporting
  • Tools to communicate with parents
  • Differentiate instruction through the use of small groups and the shared library
  • Homework help and support
  • Connecting students in different schools, states, and countries

Building a Campus PLN through edmodo