The Suit

Edmeds Outfitters, Weybridge
 This information supplied by Jane Hart, daughter of John Clifford Edmed.
Harry Edmed opened his first Gentlemen’s Outfitters in Baker Street, Weybridge, Surrey in 1913 and then moved it to the High Street, Weybridge during the 2nd World War. It ended up with two frontages side by side, one for menswear and one for boys. The Queens Road shop was opened in the 1920’s.
Another branch of Edmeds was opened in Ascot in 1960’s.


In its heyday Edmeds was a thriving and lucrative business. Each shop employed someone in charge between two and three assistants, at one stage someone always lived above the shops but Harry and Mabel his wife lived in their own house in Weybridge.


They employed a permanent tailor who would make ‘made to measure’ suits for both men and women as required. Mabel Edmed would have her costumes tailor-made by Edmeds. The tailor was also able to do repairs and alterations to any garments as needed. Edmeds also stocked ‘off the hook’ suits for men and they were agents for Simpsons of Piccadilly (for suits and shirts) Wolsey (socks) Chilprufe (underwear) and Total (ties) amongst others.


They used to provide uniforms for such schools as the elite St Georges College, a Catholic public school and a number of other schools in the area. Their clientele ranged from the toffs of Weybridge to the middle classes, primarily for men and boys but in the 1960’s they began stocking a limited range for women and girls. Most of the clothing was ‘upmarket’ but they also based their reputation on selling good quality garments.


Harry  Edmed retired in the late 1940’s but retained a major shareholding in the shop, which was taken over by John Clifford Edmed, his son. The management of Edmeds was taken over by Fred Boveington and on his retirement by Harvey Smart.


The signage was EDMEDS on a black background with gold lettering


The business was finally wound up in the late 1970’s. It was felt it was no longer viable in view of cheap imports and ready made clothing.


Harry Clifford Edmed born 1884 was the son of George Edmed and his second wife Eliza Woodger, his first wife has been Louisa Clifford who died in 1873, both Harry and his son John have the second name Clifford after Louisa Clifford. 


In 2007 Veronica was contacted by a young man in France who had bought a vintage suit for his brothers wedding, the tags inside said it was an Edmed suit, pictures below.