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Our family

v     How and when we got started


In 1992 we decided to answer all the comments about the surname like ‘is it foreign’  ‘where does it come from’, despite asking around the family there was very little known. 


Stan EDMED Jims father said he remembered relatives in Five Oak Green in Kent, so in 1992 Veronica threw herself on the mercy of the local Morman Family History Centre and looked through the whole of the parish register to no avail.


 They didn’t come from there.


 So then it was off to St Catherines House (closed now) to record every one they could find and Veronica and Jim found 200+ births from 1837 to 1880.


 Most importantly they found Grandad George EDMED, father of Stanley EDMED, father of many EDMEDs including Jim. Over the years there have been many visits to Kent County Archives at County Hall Maidstone.


Internet research has added more information and contact with others who come across EDMEDs in their research has widened the database so finally the search was registered with the Guild of One Named Studies in 1998. The quest goes on!


Our line is traced back to 1594 in Linton, Kent, farmers and labourers, our task now is to find all the branches and gradually we are investigating our other names as follows:


Jims interest

Chaplin -Ipswich

Reid –London


Veronicas interests

Gregory –Horndean, Catherington

Nobbs -Isle of Wight    
To the right: Old house in Loose, Kent, Edmeds lived in Loose in the 1650's