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Grave photos

Sacred to the memory of Isaac Edmed
born 15 December 1801
died February 18 1867
also Elizabeth his wife
born December 21 1802
died March 1870
Ulcombe Graveyard


Thomas Edmed died 1888, Langley Graveyard




Below:  James Edmed  died 1754

and his wife Ann Higgins died 1781Hartlip Graveyard, Kent




Below:   George Edmed died July 1834

and his daughter Georgina Louisa died1831 Sutton Valence Graveyard,

(for his Will see the Wills section)

in Sutton Valence graveyard 










George Edmed July 1834and daughter Georgina Louisa died 1831Sutton Valence Graveyard