The Stony Brook Bamboo Forrest... For Reals!

It's been a long unspoken assumption among my NYC friends that the storied Bamboo Forrest is at best a benign fib and quite posibly an outright hallucination. 

The forrest's existance has been put into further public doubt in April of '03 when, despite having found it on my own and subsequently with Marianne on days prior, my birthday expedition failed to locate the it, chosing instead to camp out in a valley in a regular, non-bamboo forrest.

Having heard of new undergradyate appartment construction behind Rosevelt quad, I assumed that the bamboo has definately been whiped out from existance, and I will never be able to prove its prior reality.

Well, on 04/24/2006 Sim and I have made a pilligrimage to the anual Stony Brook Regatta and I sugested that we wenture out to look for the fabled bamboo forrest. I had no hopes of actually finding it, but it would be fun to try...


Here is what we did:

1. Follow the road to the end of Roosevelt Quad (remeniss about Greely)

2. Climb the hill on the left side 

3. First segment of red: follow the path to Rabbi Adam's house (green X).

4. Rabbi Adam's driveway becomes Mount Road, follow it until it turns left sharply.

5. The aerial photograph above does not show it, but there is a white pebble road somewhere right after the turn in Mount Road. I represented it above with the yellow segment because Sim had to sing that song.

6. The pebble road leads to someone's propery, but right before that there's a subtle path in the woods on the right (we had to hop a fallen tree turnk to get onto it). That's the blue segment.

7. The path/trail goes more or less parallel to the LIRR tracks. There will be a few hills and valleys on the way. The third valley (red X) is where we camped out for my Birthday '03. You will notice the campsite, and most likely a 2-stroke engine block. 

8. Climb the hill and you'll be greeted with a sign of massive bamboo growth!

The sad thing is, we were ALMOST at the Bamboo Forrest in '03. It was literally up the hill. Damn!

Please note the square region above labeled A. This is the site of the new Undergraduate Appartments which were built after I graduated (and after this Aerial was taken) The bamboo forrest turns out to be right behind the last parking lot of the Apartments, so to get back to campus, we simply had to walk a few yards up a hill. This definately takes some of the coolness out of the process, but I suppose it makes the forrest more accessible to the next generation of Stony Brookers.