How to Fix the Half-Life single player maps (HLSP) in SvenCoop3.0

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STABLE:  download hlsp_enabler v1.0 SC3_HLSP_enabler.rar

The newest, fastest. well it is the best we could do. v1.7d 

 February 2008. On some servers map c2a1b causes everyone to spawn with their heads stuck to the roof. This patch works with the SC3_HLSP_enabler in both easy and hard mode.  Also works with v1.7 although not required. Who needs  this? Anyone who has suffered from rafterhead.  LOL. How to install, extract the two files to your svencoop/maps directory. Open a command prompt. Type ripent -import c2a1b

other stuff: 

On a listening server; game may crash when you shoot the sniper on map c2a2g. Not for              v1.7 You can install metamod. Even with no plugins running it stops the crash.

Before the rocket launch when the sniper is on the hill. A fix: snipercrash_patch.rar 

update to chapters I'm working on "Black Mesa Inbound" to "We've Got Hostiles"                         link to bm-hostiles

servers that are running the uberfixed maps: if not found on the internet tab. You can            access them via the favorites tab, add server using ports :27014 and 27015

example: click [add server button on favorites tab] type:                                                               

 download source files for HLSP_enabler here:  ICP_build.rar

Want to  compile  a  Half-Life  server for  Linux  step-by-step

link back to main site: hlsp_uberfix_home

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