Members of the Team

Team Captain: Michael Warren


The school principal directed you, a lead technology school-based technology expert, to work jointly with a classroom teacher to create learning experiences that not only meet students’ individual differences, but also address 21st Century learning trends. Specifically, the principal asked for you to design, implement, and assess a technology integration/intervention program for a group of 30 students with unique needs.

Teacher Background

The classroom teacher possesses basic computer skills, but has minimal understanding of how to teach with technology to benefit student learning.

Students’ Background

Of the 30 students, there are 10 identified as gifted and talented. The gifted and talented students are accustomed to working individually online. Two students have disabilities dramatically affecting learning. One student is blind and another is hearing impaired. The remaining 18 students reflect ability levels ranging from the lowest level to high achieving.


As the school-based technology expert, you have been given an opportunity to model how technology can positively impact student achievement for diverse learners. Work with your learning team to create a solution for the scenario listed above. Use the following guiding questions as a resource to begin your planning and discussions within the shared Google doc your team created in Week 1.