Writing/Editing Services for Individuals and Business

About Mr. Edit

I'm an educator, freelance writer and media entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience as a real estate broker, school business manager, executive search consultant and tech writer. I've published in a dozen Chicago publications, including the Chicago ReaderChicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune.

I hold degrees from Harvard (AB), Yale (MAT) and the University of California at Berkeley (PhD) . I'm a quick study in many fields: the arts, small business, education, economics, literature, marketing, media, real estate, technology, and transportation

I live in Glenview with my son, Joe, a Senior this year at Glenbrook South High School.
Writing I've Done
  • Ad copy and marketing materials, both print and online
  • Business Proposals and promotional materials
  • Internal company documents (policy manuals, employee communications)
  • Resumes and cover letters,
  • College/job applications and personal letters
  • Newspaper op eds, magazine and journal articles
  • Book-length texts, both fiction and non-fiction.
How We Work (satisfaction guaranteed)
  1. At a no-fee initial conference, we review and discuss your current writing needs.
  2. We agree on deadlines, fee and 50% deposit.
  3. I go to work. You review my edits/writing in person and/or online.
  4. You final payment is due ONLY when you are satisfied with my final draft.
What I Charge
  • Free initial consultation at your office
  • Hourly rate:
    • $65 for small businesses
    • $85 for mid size business
    • $110 for large businesses 
  • I offer discounts for
    • Larger projects (over four hours)
    • Clients demonstrating financial need
Where I Work
  • Online (many projects can be completed via email)
  • At your office or home
  • From my home office in Glenview

Steve Sewall, Ph.D.

Harvard A.B. | Yale M.A.T | University of California, Berkeley Ph.D.


1. Small Business Marketing Materials

John Rosenau, President and CEO, Superior JR, Packaging and Production Line and Package Design, Glenview

"As the owner of a small packaging business with 34 years of sales experience for a major corporation, I'm pleased to say that Steve Sewall's work has been a factor in my company's success. This man gets business. Highest recommendation."

2. Technical Writing

Sanjiv Bawa, President, Chi Networks, Personalized Provider of IT Services, Chicago

"Twelve years ago, my company was a startup. I discussed with Steve the services and value proposition we offer clients. The details are technical. But Steve picked them up quickly and came up marketing language that helped us find our niche in a competitive Loop market."

3. Business Proposals

Stuart Rothstein, CEO and President, SmartCars, Intelligent Chauffered Transportation, Chicago.

"I'm never happy with my writing. Steve has been adept at polishing and enhancing business proposals I have written. He is efficient and accurate and his language is persuasive. Recently I felt confidant submitting my work to a very demanding prospective client after he'd gone over it with his fine tooth comb.
4. Job Applications: Resumes and Personal Statements

         Ilham Zowell
, English (ESL) teacher

"I'm from Egypt. I teach English, but English is still my second language. I showed Steve my resume and statement for a position at a local hospital. He cared about every word. And his comments and suggestions helped me get in touch
with the best in myself. I got the job!”

Stuart Rothstein, Father of an 8th grader applying to a private school

"I asked Steve, with his Ivy League background, to review my personal letter in support of my son's application to an East Coast boarding school. His revisions were classy. Even more helpful were his questions. Because Steve is an educator who really understands young people, his questions helped me recall several of my son's experiences, which I added to my personal letter. My son is now a happy camper at the school." 

5. Non-Profit and Civic Projects

Arlene Anthony, Past President and Current Board Member, Glenview Public Library

"Steve cut 150 words from a 400-word brochure written by a citizens group in support of Glenview's new public library. Then he wrote two well-researched letters for our local newspaper that were well received in the community. He believes in libraries. For us, he was the right man at the right time."

6. Book-length Texts

Joe Arenberg, Author, A Manual for Beginning Drummers. Percussion instructor, Maple School, Glenview

"Steve did fast, careful work on my 90-page text.  He made it easy and fun to read. And ready for publication. He knows his music. Amazing what he did in just four hours."

Mr Edit is also Mr Tutor