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About Statter  

Statter is a consultancy company that provides services related to studie design, (statistical) data analysis and reporting. We work for companies, small businesses, governmental organizations, hospitals and research institutes.

Our mission is to help you find solutions to all your data-related concerns. Our services go beyond helping with the statistical data analysis. We’re also able to provide guidance on study design and statistical programming. We offer customized training and we help with reporting your results. We are capable to give guidance to both small and large statistical problems for companies operating in a wide range of different fields.


Statter is a spin-off company of Ghent University and has its roots in the BioStat research group. It was founded by Em. Prof. J.P. Ottoy, Prof. O. Thas, both professors at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering. This offers the opportunity to set up projects with Statter while using Ghent University expertise. 

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