Following services are provided by Statter:

  • Advice and expert opinion:

A collaboration with Statter begins with a meeting where the researchers/statisticians of the company can clearly explain their research, research question and problems. Statter can give recommendations on how to tackle the problem and which analytical tools are best used in the explained situation.  

  • Statistical data analysis:

Statter offers many statistical methods for analyzing your data. From the more traditional tools like ANOVA or linear regression to some more complicated procedures like mixed models and additive models. Big and High Dimensional data require efficient data visualization methods; this is also part of our portfolio.  

  • Study and experimental design:

Not only do we help analyze the data. We also provide guidance in the design of the study/experiment. For example, we can perform sample size and power calculations. For more complicated studies we can become temporally a team member to jointly discuss all issues related to the study setup.  

  • Reporting:

The methodology and results of data analyses are presented in written reports or PowerPoint presentations, understandable for the client. We also give advise on how to report statistical methodology/results in scientific papers or to any other target audience.  

  • Customized training:

Statter offers customized training. These courses are entirely adapted to the level and needs of the client. Subjects can vary from basic statistical techniques to more advanced topics. Also courses about statistical software are part of our portfolio.  

  • Statistical programming:

Most of the analyses done by Statter are performed in the statistical software R. However if necessary we can also implement methods in SAS, SPSS or other statistical environments. We also have experience in developing R packages and Shiny apps.   

  • Method validation and development:

We also validate techniques developed by the companies themselves and work out new techniques specific for the problems companies might stumble upon.