Translate Subtitle (.srt) on Google Docs

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June 10, 2012:  The  representation of time is changed from "00:00:00" to "00:00:00.000".
I'd like to thank Yasushi Aoki for advising me to fix it.)

If line breakes are deleted when being imported, open the srt file on Firefox and copy the text displayed on Firefox.

Anyone can easily edit srt style subtitle on Google Document Spreadsheet.

This site shows processes suitable for TED translators and dotSUB users.

There is no need to know about programming. Only copy and paste.

Try it!

I'd like to thank Akira Kakinohana, a volunteer Japanese translator for TED, for spreading his ideas of how to easily translate and review TED talks using Google docs. I'm greatly inspired by his mind. He's been sharing his unique idea on

The scripts and functions used in this template is made under the GNU GPL licence.
- The idea of using spread sheet is from Akira Kakinohara.
  (No scripts and functions used in this template is derived from his sorce codes.)
- The idea of using functions of Google Spreadsheet and how to realize is from Satoshi Tatsuhara.


Paste the English subtitle.

Data are automatically arranged.

Type translations.

Srt style subtitle is automatically made in real time.