Testimonials - Read what some of our clients have said

"Thanks so much for your notes. Lots of great insights which we'll definitely take on board."

- Tim Ferguson, TV host, comedian and co-writer of Shakespeare Tonight

"Pete Malicki carried out his editing in a very professional and clear manner. His notes on structure and grammar were instrumental in turning my first fiction novel from an unstructured, hard-to-read mess, which was rejected by many agents, to a well-structured, readable manuscript which has now been picked up for representation.

His notes and advice have helped me develop from storyteller to confident author. Without his editing services I would still be floundering in a sea of rejections."

- Matt McCredie, bestselling author of Blue Paws

“Pete Malicki is a proficient editor with a very keen eye for detail. Even in my tightest manuscript, he offered constructive feedback I could apply throughout the entire project, highlighted areas in need of clarity and definition, and suggested ways to enhance the flow of the prose, all in a straightforward and encouraging manner. 

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Pete, and I look forward to working with him again in my upcoming projects.”

- Kim Grenfell, author and Senior Moderator of Writers Beat

"I was pleasantly surprised at the depth in which Pete edited my book, and the services that he could offer. There were comments and changes made on content as small as grammar and sentence structure, as well as suggestions that helped me with the flow and content of my book. It was refreshing to have an honest and objective opinion on the things I needed to improve on, as well as the supportive comments that let me know what I was doing right. I would recommend this editing service to anyone, as he was able to cater to a wide range of needs and requests."

- Cassandra Griffin, young adult fiction author

"I'm really impressed (by your analysis) and you have hit a lot of nails on the head!!"

- Paul Wilson, author and playwright

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