Editors Australia typically works on the following types of material:

- Fiction novels (any genre)
- Non-fiction (memoirs, biography, self-help, cookbooks - you name it!)

We offer three different levels of service:

- Proofreading
- Line editing
- Editing

A proofread is ideal prior to submission/publication. This is the most critical time to have an eye cast over your manuscript to check for any issues with spelling, punctuation and grammar (affectionately known as SPaG!).

We'll also check for consistency of style to ensure you haven't changed the way you handle bullet points or page breaks, etc.

Proofreading can also be done at the early stages of your writing so you can address bad writing habits early.

Line editing
A line edit is a 'deeper' proofread. As well as a SPaG and style check, we review the broader sentence and paragraph structure to identify areas where the flow, readability, cohesiveness and comprehensibility can be improved.

This is the most thorough level of service. As well as a proofread and line edit, editing addresses the following aspects:

- Structure
- Writing style
- Tone/voice
- Humour/drama
- Pace/flow
- Characterisation
- Dialogue
- Consistency/continuity
- Story/plot

You'll receive feedback in the form of a written report, or notes throughout your manuscript, or both.

Anything we haven't covered?

Have something in need of an edit that isn't covered in the above descriptions?

Tell us about your job and we'll let you know if it's something we can help with.

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