Book Scout

Book Scout

Exciting news! Editors Australia has recently become a Book Scout, helping connect non-fiction authors to publishers.

What is a Book Scout?
A Book Scout seeks out publishable titles and helps put an author in touch with a prospective publisher.

Many publishers are closed to enquiries that come from unpublished or unagented writers; the Book Scout acts as a foot-in-the-door service to give any writer a shot, whether they be a veteran or a newcomer, if their proposal looks good enough!

How is that different to a Literary Agent?
A Literary Agent is the sole representative of a particular writer, whereas a Book Scout focuses on a specific manuscript. We don't require you to deal exclusively with us and you will only have to pay for our services if we secure you a book deal.

What is Editors Australia looking for?
Editors Australia is only looking for non-fiction. Don't send us fiction for any reason! 

We are after books which have a tangible market associated with them - publishers need to know your book will sell.

Your book has to be relevant to either the international market, or readers in the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, UK and/or South Africa.

How do I submit?
We want to know about your book and your market. Please send us the following via email in doc, docx or pdf format only:

- a summary of what your book is about (maximum one page)
- an author biography (maximum half a page)
- a statement on why people will buy your book: Who is your market? What media contacts do you have? What contacts do you have in your relevant field? How can you help sell your book?
- a sample chapter of your work

Collate the requested materials and email them to us with Editors Australia - Proposal in the subject line.

If we are interested in discussing your proposal further, we'll send you more details on how the arrangement works.

If you don't submit all of the requested information or if your proposal is not for a non-fiction book, we will delete your email without responding. We'll happily proofread or edit fiction but we don't serve the fiction market as a Book Scout so you'll just be wasting everyone's time.

We don't always have the capacity to respond to proposals we don't wish to pursue. If you don't hear back from us within two weeks, we have chosen not to represent you. That doesn't mean your book is no good - it just might not be right for the clients we service.

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