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compiled by Scott Roche

Six stories by Scott Roche, Justin Macumber, Zach Ricks, Doc Coleman, Jared Axelrod, and Jake Bible, who spin action-packed yarns straight from a Sunday afternoon matinee shoot-’em-up, with a dash of philosophy and tension as ancient codes clash with an increasingly modern world.

by Keith Hughes

The sequel to Borrowed Time, Stolen time once again traces Ness Relevant's confrontation of determined foes. But this time, his personal stakes are even higher. He must find a way to save his wife and thwart a madman's schemes for world conquest, or he'll never regain his stolen time.

by Sue Lynch Thomas

Earl Mason trampled his family, his friends, and even his employees in a mad dash down the path to perfection in his work and what he thought his father would have wanted. But when Earl gets some devastating news, he finally understands what his father's real priorities had been. Time is short. He wants a chance to make things up to his employees and restore some friendships. But most of all, he desperately wants to give his family one good weekend. Would he have enough time?

by Donna Gizzi
Illustrated by Gigi Grace

Hello there! I'm Reagan.
I want you to know
About something I learned today.
Ready? Let s go!
Join Reagan as she discovers something special about rainbows and herself, with light verse and illustrations by 12-year old Gigi Grace.

by Gisele Naichouler Feldman

At the start of World War II, young Gisele Naichouler found herself at the steps of a great castle once owned by French freedom fighter General Lafayette. As a Hidden Child, she was Instructed to forget her Jewish heritage and pretend to be Catholic. The dramatic true story of Gisele's two-and-a-half years hiding from Nazi terrors highlights many Hidden Children accounts and takes the opportunity to thank all of those who earned the right to be called the Righteous.

by Mania Salinger

A gripping true Holocaust story that is not only about how good can turn into monstrous evil, but how the human spirit yet triumphs over it. Experience through Mania’s eyes how, in the midst of the malevolence of the Nazi empire, Germans helped Jews. See how a German officer did what he could, at great risk to himself, to help Mania during her years in concentration camps, and ended up saving Mania’s life.

by Raymond Ross, Ph.D.

A select group of high-IQ soldiers are chosen for training in an Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP) in World War II. They would become engineers, linguists, and medics. But when draft boards came up short, the program came to a halt and these men were deployed to combat divisions. This true story follows four ASTP soldiers who join an armored infantry division.

by Jody Burmeister

This book of poetry covers topics such as family dynamics, national tragedies, and nature. The heartfelt poems are the author's tribute to the human spirit in the face of challenge, pain and the undying hope for the future.The poems are accompanied by the author's own photographs and drawings.

by Scott Sigler

The sequel to The Rookie in Sigler's popular Galactic Football League series, The Starter is a star-spanning coming-of-age space opera combined with the gritty world of organized crime, all set against a backdrop of a far-future professional football league. 

by Keith Hughes

In a world where you can build a wall, light a fire, or cloud someone’s mind merely by Writing a Word, Alan Porter struggles to use his talents to overthrow a totalitarian government that controls the masses by controlling Words.

by Carl Eeman

The story of the spectacular Gettysburg Reunion of 1913 is rendered in new terms by the presence of 5,000 black veterans. Carl Eeman reinvents a world of 1912-1914 in which our tortured struggle with Civil War memory and race relations might have had different outcomes had the reconciliation not been limited to North and South, but also black and white. 
       — adapted from David W. Blight, Yale University, author of Race and Reunion: The Civil War in American Memory

by Carol McCloud
Illustrated by David Messing
Through simple prose and vivid illustrations, this heartwarming book encourages positive behavior as children see how rewarding it is to express daily kindness, appreciation, and love. Bucket filling and dipping are effective metaphors for understanding the effects of our actions and words on the well being of others and ourselves.

by John O'Shaughnessy

Can anyone on earth escape the bumps on the road of life? Those bumps turned into huge potholes for Ann when she was diagnosed with a cancer from which she never recovered. Along the way, John O'Shaughnessy and their two boys discovered that the lessons they learned did not come from the hard knocks they took, but from choosing how to respond to them. In this riveting true story, discover how John came back from the dead end of grief and returned to hope.

by Linda K. McLean

This is a photographic-poetic essay about Tyree Guyton's art installations on Heidelberg Street in Detroit. He transformed this street from a decaying community into a living canvas. Each installation was a hallmark that exemplifies his vision for change and renewal. In recent years, many of Guyton's installations have been destroyed by arsonists, so this is a valuable treasure chest of memories of a Detroit institution.

by Chad Lampert

Come along for a ride in this rhyming picture book with colorful illustrations of hot rod cars. Readers will swoon over the boss rides featured by author / illustrator Chad Lampert. For the kid in all of us and, oh, yeah, for our kids too!

by Craig Ross

Craig Ross has written a comic gem about college sports and sports personalities in America. Packed with fresh and funny insights, "Obscene Diaries" is the perfect mix of serious analysis, wild imagination and sports lore. The author's obsession with all aspects of sports in our culture is contagious.

by Keith Hughes

Ness Relevant receives an unusual device from a former college professor and becomes unexpectedly involved in a struggle against those who would overturn the world. He faces molecular implosion and cellular degeneration in his travels to an uncomfortable past to prevent an unthinkable future.

by Mike Davis

This traces the true stories of small-town Michigan educator Mike Davis' twenty years as an on-call fireman. Hilarious happenings, poignant episodes, and sobering scenes all combine to form this charming collection of smoke stories which are the legacy of firefighters everywhere.

by Gary Fisher

Alex Baker is a doctor who is dealing with the struggles of losing his mentor and then his wife to the ugly world of drugs and addiction. His solutions to his own difficulties set in motion profound changes in other people s lives that no one could ever have predicted. Interconnected vignettes form a unified tapestry that reveals how miracles happen all the time, even in the midst of unspeakable tragedies. God is alive. God is watching. God is channel surfing.

by O.J. Nori

O.J. Nori writes about his remembrance of a five-decade span, from the 1930s to1986, working at the Ford Motor Company. During his distinguished career, he not only experienced the day-to-day workings of the company, but witnessed power-packed, unexpected, and fascinating experiences.

by Gary Diehl

This fictionalized account of the author's own memories captures the very essence of growing up in 1950s Detroit. At that pivotal time in every boy's childhood when comic books, tree houses, and ballgames give way to chemistry sets, young love, and earning money, a young boy and his friends must survive the turmoil of adolescent life in the early 1950s.

by David Kraai, illustrated by Tom Roy

A young boy discovers that his father has invented a BRAIN (Basic Reasoning Artificial Intelligence Network) that would allow a computer to think, reason, and grow in understanding just like a human being. This new invention and what one Pentagon scientist does with it wind together in a classic tale of good and evil which catapults his family into a dangerous vortex of government corruption and national security. Yet it also underscores the reality of God the Creator, the validity of God's Word, and the need to follow God's plan for our lives.

by Jody Burmeister
Illustrated by Joyce Steffens Dunseth

A heart-warming children's story about a"mud being" and Hanna, a lovable dog. Together they solve everyday problems that children face with adventure, promoting self-confidence and well-being as well as teaching the value of family and friends.

by Lee Eudon Holland

Lee Holland describes his life from  his birth in Florida, through his childhood in Alabama and his years in Ohio, then finally as a highly successful C.P.A./C.F.P. in Michigan.