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My editing services

"I am hiring Julayne to edit all of my stories from now on. She does an awesome job." - Jeffrey Hite

Need an editor? There are many ways I can help you become the best writer you can be.

Copy editing
Copy editing covers much more than just the grammar and usage errors that seem to plague all manuscripts. Punctuation, capitalization, and spelling are corrected, but copy editing also covers suggestions on overall continuity, consistency, factual accuracy, and writing style, including point-of-view and passive voice.

Proofreading nails down any copy-editing errors that may remain and is typically the last polish before publishing.

If you would like a simple read-through for general comments, that option is available.

Content editing
Because I'm so detail-oriented, copy editing and proofreading are my specialty. If you would like an excellent content editor to read through your work and give suggestions on theme, pacing, character development, etc. please contact my good friend Jeffrey Hite. He's a prime beta reader as well. To check out his services, click here.

(Minimum $50)

Copy editing: $0.005 per word.
Proofreading: $0.003 per word.
Read-through: $0.001 per word.

Word count is based on the document as it exists when it is submitted to me.

We can negotiate downward or upward depending on the ease or complexity of your project. 

How it's done
I do most editing using software (such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs) with a reviewing feature so you can see exactly what changes I suggest. This also makes it much easier for us to exchange comments on specific items. If you need a hard-copy edit, we can certainly talk about that.

Free trial
Not sure if you want to commit? I'll edit 1,000 words for free.

A 50% deposit is due at the beginning of the project, with the remainder due upon completion. I accept payment through PayPal.

"When I needed to hire someone to edit Way of the Gun, one of the first people I thought of was Julayne. I'd heard that her skills were top notch and I wasn't disappointed. She made all of the stories in that anthology better and cleaner. She worked quickly and thoroughly to make sure that I provided our readers the best stories for their money. I would use her services again in a minute, and have in fact hired her for a new anthology coming out later this year." - Scott Roche

"I am hiring Julayne to edit all of my stories from now on. She does an awesome job." - Jeffrey Hite

Let's talk!
Please fill out the contact form below to check availability and get a no-obligation quote. 

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