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Welcome to the Edith Granger Project.  This website developed out of my research on Edith Granger, first editor of Granger's Index to Poetry (among other things).  This began in the summer of 2009 for a group project in the graduate course Information Retrieval in the Library and Information Science program at the University of Pittsburgh.   

My main role in the group was the biographical researcher.  Starting out was slow and difficult.  There is not much information on Granger readily available.  But once I started to gather the clues, I found more and more.  I cannot stress enough how indebted I am to the Smith College Archives.  This college and archives has been so generous and a great source for research on this Smith alumna.

After the semester was over, I continued to research Granger's life and was continually surprised by the big and small details I encountered.  I felt that this information should be shared and so I include my findings here for anyone to view.  My hope in creating this web resource is that it may be used as a bibliographic tool for her work and her life.  There is much available freely on the web and I have complied these links and searches.  There are gaps in what I have found and years of Granger's life I have not been able to account for so far.  I hope to continue this research and hope that others may find an interest here also.  If you have additional resources and information,  please  contact me at "audramelissa at gmail dot com." 

Audra Melissa Deemer, 05 May 2010    See "News!" for updates on this ongoing project.


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UPDATE 2/24/2018--Currently in the process of creating a new site. Once this is up, this site will redirect there. thanks for your interest!

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