Edisto Virgins

What is an "Edisto Virgin"? Someone who has not attended one of these gatherings before.
  • Mary Jane Brooks Tottey was an Edisto Virgin the year we turned 65. Her take on the whole experience is attached as a PDF below.
  • I asked her to revisit the experience and tell a classmate who had never attended before what this year might be like. Her response:

    Hi Classmate! 
    Pauline told me you were considering coming to Edisto but as it was your first time you didn’t know what to expect!  I, too, had my first Edisto experience years after the event began. I had longed to attend but each time life got in the way.

    When I did go I had some trepidation sorta like being the new kid in class. 
    For me, ‘Edisto’ is definitely a Bucket List item. It’s a celebration of who we were and who we have become that results in unparalleled joy, laughter and a sense of warmth that is akin to the best experience you’ve ever had! 

    Please, please consider coming not only for you but for your classmates who would be delighted and enriched by you presence! The logistics and organization of the event are amazing providing a stress free respite from the day to day.  

    What I found was an experience akin to family reunion of ‘Sista’s’. Here we were, women of a certain age who had shared 4 very formative early years together and then dispersed into the unknown!

    Coming together in this magical place is a gift that needs to be experienced. It’s a panoply of memories, sharing new experiences, making ‘new’ friends from old, a reaffirmation of who we are.

    I look forward to seeing you.
    Mary Jane

Pauline Angione,
Jan 11, 2014, 3:09 PM