Team 7-3 Ocelots!

We are excited to start this school year and glad you will be part of our team! 


To e-mail the school office, please use this e-mail address.


This is the link to view your(your child's) grades.

Checking out books and many other valuable resources.

Link for students to reach their online classrooms at home or school.  Ask them to show you around!

7-3 Team Members:
Shaun Groen (
Team Leader, PRO, 7th Acc. & 7th Math

Jeremy Iversen (
PRO, Honors & Acc. Social Studies

Holly Renken (    
    PRO, Honors & Acc. English Language Arts

Michael Gerszewski (
PRO, Honors & Acc. Science, 6th Math

Brittany Trujillo (
Power Math

Sandy Wehrkamp (
PE & Health

Gretchen Doyle (
ULE advisor

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