Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling merges writing, photographs, music and voice to create a personal multimedia story. The story should have a beginning, middle and end, and teach a lesson. Come learn how to use Web 2.0 tools to help your students create digital stories. is a good site for free sound effects.
Resources and Examples

Here are some more tools to create your web based digital stories.

Tikatok is an online platform to write, illustrate and publish online stories. You can start writing your book with StorySparks that are like writing prompts. The beginning of the story is automatically added to your story's beginning. You can also print your book.

If you are looking for a similar site to Glogsteryou should visit Magnoto.You can add your photos, videos, audios in a magnetic style to the web. You can also send your content as an email. It's like sticking different media on a refrigerator door.

Storyjumper is a site that gives you different tools to write and illustrate stories. You choose the type of the story you want to make ,then you 'll see the story creator tool on your way. You can start from scratch or you can get a beginning to create your story. You can read some of the books here.

You can create your personalized stories using StorySomethingThe stories are already written, you choose your own adventure and change the name of the characters of the story and publish it.

FineTuna lets you add comments to any image and share it with others.BubbleSnaps and WigFlip are similar tools to add text to images. 

You can have your virtual monster pet with MoshiMonsters. You can adapt your own pet monster, chat with friends and play games.

PhotoPeach is a rich slide show with zooming comments, sound effects and music. You can also create quizzes after you finish your slide show.

MadeupMemories lets you customize videos by putting your personal pictures. You can choose to be a princess, a toy, a superhero! Just choose your video, upload your picture and publish it. You can also download it to your computer and keep it on your desktop forever!

Sketchfu allows you to draw your own pictures and share it with others.

Enjoy and stay tuned!

If you want to explore more digital storytelling tools, you can read my other posts on digital storytelling:

Photo Search Sites
Compfight Search for copyright-friendly photos and icons

Photos 8: Public Domain photos
World Images WorldImages is accessible anywhere and its images may be freely used for non-profit educational purposes.

Photo Tools
Image Chef Customized photos and clip art
Converting Files
DoInk is a free online drawing and animation tool that runs right in your browser. You can use it to do just a quick doodle, or you can take advantage of its layer cloning and vector-based designs to create relatively advanced animations. When done with any creation, you can share it with the DoInk community, email it to a friend or embed it on a blog or social-networking profile. You can also publish anything you’ve made straight to YouTube.

Storyboard Resources:
Studio 1151 Storyboard guidelines-Maricopa Community Colleges
Storyboard Templates From the Georgia Dept. of Education. Includes a General template, PowerPoint planning template, animation template, storyboard organizer for video.
Using Storyboards-Thinking Through Digital Storytelling


Digital Storytelling with We

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Website NameUse
Voice Thread Use Voice and Images to tell a story...others can leave comments 
Smilebox Slideshows, E-cards, Scrapbooks, Postcards, Photo Albums 
Scrapblog Digital Scrapbooking 
Tel-A-Vision Students share their Vision for Life in a Digital Story 
Sumo Paint A Complex Image Editing Program 
Tikatok Imagine a Story. Create a book. 
Big Universe Read and Create Online Books 
Real eBooks Online books: read and create 
Flow Gram Crate a presentation with Web Pages, PPT, Narration, Photos, and put it all together! 
Kerpoof Create animations, cards, illustrations: Online Multimedia Software 
Mix Book Digital Books, Digital Scrapbook 
50 Web 2.0 Ways to tell a story Digital Storytelling 
Windows Movie Maker 2 Tutorials Movie Maker: Video Editing 
Foto Flexer Online image editor 
Capzles Multimedia storylines 
XtraNormal Enter your script and create movies 
JayCut Mix online Movies 
Kick You Tube Download You Tube Videos 
Glogster Create using video, text and images 
Animoto for Education Create video using uploaded text and images 
Flickr Storm Digital Images 
Shape Collage Picture Collages 
Xtranormal Making Movies...anyone can do it! 
StoryJumper Great site for students creating stories. Good for Elementary 
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